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The Grace Within - book

A New Book by Crista Salvatore

About the Book

Up until an hour ago Grace was a successful 40 something New Yorker. Now she’s dead. Not 15 minutes ago, she was sitting in a coffee shop having yet another break-up conversation with a guy who she thought had real potential for lasting love. This time, she is dealing with a lot more than a broken heart. Before Grace can process her untimely demise, she meets her spirit guide, Enzo, who leads her on a journey that will have her facing her feelings of inadequacy and fear. She is challenged to look at love and connection in a different way. Will she be able to deal with the past, accept responsibility, and forgive in order to heal herself and the significant players in her life?

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The Background

Coaching is about self-discovery and Crista’s experience in the field has given her plenty of insight on the myriad of ways people navigate their personal relationships. The relationship you have with yourself impacts every relationship you have in your life. That insight combined with her own experience with relationships gave her the inspiration to write The Grace Within. She at an early age has a deep desire to write a book. This book was way to express her voice and creativity. Most of all her hope is to spark insight and healing with everyone who reads it.

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Attention Fans!

Crista’s next book will be published in April 2023! Stay tuned for more details!

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