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Workshop Facilitation & Design

We create a safe and open environment where rich dialogue is encouraged between participants. It is important that all voices are heard—fostering classroom participation leads to increased learning and impact for everyone involved. The approach is intuitive—being tuned in to the group, adapting accordingly, and then cultivating meaningful discussion. We respect the learning process and allow space for participants to challenge and assimilate the content.



Leadership skills and interpersonal programs are planned to be as interactive as possible. The approach is to partner with the client and understand their business landscape, needs, challenges, and outcomes. With participants fully engaged, they gain deeper understanding of themselves and concepts, resulting in sustainable behavioral change.

We provide flexible, customized solutions to suit your organizations’ needs.

Current Workshops

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Establishing a Healthy Foundation - Creating Boundaries from the Inside Out

Explore the concept of boundaries and their importance to creating a healthy, authentic life. Creating, maintaining, and establishing boundaries honors yourself and others.

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Developing and Motivating Team Members

Learn the framework of motivation and development approaches to increase mastery of employee engagement. In this workshop, we review ways to create a culture of accountability within your teams.

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Maximizing Your Leadership Brand

Understand the importance of your personal brand to maximize your own strengths and uniqueness. Learn the components that make up a personal brand. Reflect on your own life experiences and values that influence your brand.

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Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence

Discover the ability to recognize emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how emotions affect people around you. Emotional intelligence involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively.

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Management Foundations

Helps managers understand their role and responsibilities by practicing core management skills. The focus is on foundational skills which enable the shift from being an individual contributor to an effective manager.


Topics may include: delegation, giving feedback, developing direct reports, and motivating others.

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