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team coaching session lead by Spark Truth

Our coaching engagements involve creating collaborative relationships by building trust, asking thoughtful questions, and providing support for the client to take action for meaningful change.


The focus is to help leaders…

  • Become more self-aware

  • Overcome challenges

  • Create more fulfillment and prosperity in their work and home life.


Leaders explore the true self by discovering their beliefs, values, thoughts, and challenges to help shift perspective in order move forward and achieve full potential.

Individual Coaching

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Executive Coaching

Develop leadership skills—drive change, manage complexity, inspire/lead teams, and build a strong personal foundation to be successful in the workplace.

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Targeted Skills Coaching

Focus on specific business, interpersonal, and leadership skills by providing a flexible, adaptive, real-time approach to development. Skills include: communication, presence, emotional intelligence, time management, and more.

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Career Coaching

Match capabilities, skills, and interests with new career opportunities and goals. The process leads to increased clarity, personal change, and forward action. Newly acquired skills enable a manager/leader to make an effective transition and thrive in their new role.

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Life Coaching

Individuals wishing to make significant changes happen within their own lives receive one-on-one support. Clients explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfill their needs.

Group Coaching

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Small Group Coaching

Group coaching provides an important, safe space for conversation, dialogue, and reflection for small groups of 5-10 individuals. Peer learning is at the heart of this approach, which is grounded in the individual goals of each participant and, where applicable, the collective goals of the group. Participants join in a shared experience through community. It is a supportive environment where clients learn from the insights and contributions of peers and from their own reflections.

Benefits from Group Coaching:

  • Problem solving: Guides and supports group members to clarify the challenges, identify powerful strategies to solve them, and gain insight on relevant actions to implement change.

  • Sharing support and accountabilities for actions: Ensures that group members apply the content that they received from group coaching.

  • Team building: Creates close engagement because of its strong focus on supporting each other. Members come to rely on each other to achieve the goal of the team.

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