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Ignite Insight.

Inspire Action.


Welcome to Spark Truth

We have a collaborative approach when it comes to working with clients. The goal is to help organizations create high-performance, thriving work environments which enable teams to exceed their strategic goals and objectives.

Our purpose is about inspiring forward movement by creating sustainable transformation and growth through dialogue, learning, and coaching. Clients gain clarity and ignite the spark within to take action for meaningful breakthroughs and results. 

We Can Help You With


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We create collaborative relationships by building trust, asking thoughtful questions, and providing support for meaningful change.


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We provide flexible, customized leadership skills and interpersonal programs to suit your organizations’ needs.

Team Development

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We educate and coach teams on their group dynamic for improved team collaboration and performance.

HR Talent Management

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We help you maximize performance by developing HR practices to develop and build on employees’ strengths.

Meet Crista Salvatore

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Crista Salvatore is an experienced global leadership coach known for her expertise in helping executives, high-potentials, and professionals tap into their authentic style. Her clients produce exceptional results by going within, increasing their insight and knowing, leveraging their strengths, and increasing their capacity to take action.

Are you ready to move forward?

Our firm is a catalyst for forward movement and inspired change. Let’s collaborate to make that happen.

Business team meeting lead by Spark Truth


Crista is a great coach! As a business owner, I have valued her expertise as she has helped me navigate my first year in business. Highly recommend!

- Lila Ressler

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