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Leading with the Divine Feminine: A Way of Being

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Now is the time in my life where I am leading with the divine feminine. Being in your femininity is about slowing down, going with the flow, and being open to receive. For most of my life, my masculine has been in the driver’s seat. I was all about setting goals and taking action to make life happen. I am grateful how that energy has served me, but through the years, the constant grind and “to-do” lists got exhausting. I have learned that it is not about utilizing one energy or the other, or that one is good and the other is bad. It is about finding your sweet spot and uncovering that balance of both masculine and feminine energy — this is where your true self and greatness can emerge. Over the past few years, my question has been, “How do I shift as I let go of some of the “doing” and embrace the “being”? Here’s the small shifts that I have embodied as I welcome my femininity. I am now experiencing the world in a new and surprisingly peaceful way.

Connect with your intuition. My intuition is my superpower. It has always been there, whether I liked it or agreed with what I was hearing. Now I listen to my inner voice and value the whispers opposed to discounting them. Sometimes the messages are faint where others are screaming from my insides. In both cases, I am now honoring that data. I feel into what comes my way. Does this work bring me joy? How do I feel about working with those clients? How am I honoring my own emotions, my own truth? It is about joyful self- acceptance and self-respect when we listen to a sacred inner voice.

Embrace vulnerability. Being softer is a strength. I have been so programmed to do everything by myself, so for me it was difficult to ask for help. My motto is “I can do it. I can make it happen.” I learned a sense of resilience and persistence, although I missed out on having more support. Unfortunately, by the time I was completely depleted and desperate and finally asked for help, no one was there. Being a perfectionist didn’t help my cause, just prevented me from saying, “I need assistance.” It about leaning into the community you have around you or creating one that serves you. We are all connected and need each other to fully engage in the world.

Live in faith. Know that when things happen or DO NOT that it is for our highest good. There are times I pushed for things and that when I got them it didn’t turn out the way I anticipated. Instead of pushing, I am all about going with the flow. It is about seeing how things unfold rather than trying to control the outcome. This is a tough one for an action-oriented person. When I let go, drop the hot potato, things somehow resolve themselves. It may not be in the way I wanted or anticipated, but it gets sorted out. Having unquestionable trust and being “all in” even when the circumstances are murky or even negative. Surrendering is a choice and a powerful intention. It is one that you need to have a sense of self and bravery to pull off. It is not about giving up but letting go and seeing how the world supports you.

Slow down your pace and make space for you. Start with your calendar, are you booked every minute of the day? Going from meeting to meeting and task to task can be draining if that’s how you operate daily. There is no space for down time to recharge, or even time to check in with yourself. One of my new practices is to check in and ask, “How am I feeling in this moment and what do I need?” Acknowledging what I am feeling and what will serve me is a new habit which fulfills my wellbeing.

Be open to receiving blessings that come your way. It is about starting with simple ones, saying yes when people offer you gifts. It may be a compliment, a thank you, or warm smile. It is about focusing your attention on all the kind gestures that are extended to you. You do need to be open and willing to accept the support and kindness. At times I let my independence take over and have been on auto pilot by saying, “No thanks, I am all set.” And yes, I could do it by myself, although it may have served me to receive the additional support. It is about not feeling or doing it all alone, there’s others out there who are willing to give.

Try playing and exploring more with your divine feminine energy. Have fun with it. It is not about discarding the masculine or giving it up. It’s about having the masculine energy support the femininity. When you embrace both; miracles transpire, and life unfolds right before your eyes.

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