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Walk-Jog-Run: Respect Your Own Pace

woman getting ready to run a race

As a kid, the phrase I heard time and time again was, “You wanna race?” My answer would be “Yes,” and then I was off running full speed. I’d love that blast of energy sprinting from point A to point B. At an early age, I appreciated that rush.

The need for speed is widespread. With advancements in technology, so many things are at our fingertips. Instantly, we can communicate with anyone, at any time, and in any location. Results occur at the click of a button. Let’s look at Amazon Prime. You can order almost anything and it’s at your door within 48 hours - sometimes on the same day. I appreciate how quickly Amazon makes that delivery happen. It’s magic!

The motto, “accomplish more faster and better,” emerges in many circumstances. We demand more with less time. We need to get that promotion earlier, develop that relationship faster, and be successful in that new role instantly. What is really driving us? Where is the real pressure coming from? Is it from external forces or from our own needs? Maybe it’s our expectations that motivate us to push ourselves or is it someone on the sidelines who encourages us to move faster?

What if we slowed down a bit? Take a breath. As we move forward, make a conscious effort to invest more energy to stabilize ourselves. Perhaps if we went at our own pace, we would be in a better place to create what’s in our highest good. If we took the time to learn the lessons and develop the skills, we would be better equipped at creating the life we desire.

Major accomplishments and sustainable transformation takes time. I find things take way longer than anticipated. Everything worthwhile takes effort and energy. My lack of patience is my Achilles heel. At times, I am so frustrated with how long it takes to make things happen. This translates to impatience with myself. In many instances, I pushed myself forward when I was not ready or the timing wasn't quite right. If not checked, burnout occurs and we lose the will to continue forward. Consequently, that’s when it's time to regroup and start all over again.

Sometimes in our need for immediacy in getting what we want, we lose ourselves. It’s about connecting to ourselves and listening to how we are feeling. Most importantly, it’s about acknowledging our limitations. We shouldn't stop and give up on our dreams. We should respect the process and our own path

Get quiet. Check in. Take a moment to reflect on your own pace and how you approach life.

1. What is the motivation?

Think about your self-talk. Is it filled with fear? Are you constantly pushing and trying to prove something to those around you or even yourself? To please others, we may go after goals that are not our own. The influence is coming from outside of us and may not be in our best interest. Many times we think that if we accomplish “X” (whatever “X” is for you), then we will be complete.

2. How do you feel?

Your body tells the truth. It’s a good compass in letting you know how you are REALLY doing. When it comes to your body, do you feel energized or depleted on a regular basis? Your body is always sending you messages and it’s about listening to those messages regularly. It may be time to slow down or try a new path. When we get off course, it is important to recalibrate and get back on track. Only we know what is best for us.

3. Where is your focus?

Concentrate on your own path. Respect your own journey. When we start to look at others and move into their lane, we get into trouble. Comparison always gets in the way - it's a waste of energy. We may find ourselves focused on going slower or faster than others. That’s when counterproductive judgement comes in. It’s important to stay focused on our lane only.

The time is now to approach life differently living by that famous quote, “Life’s about the journey, not the destination.” Let's not focus on whether we speed up or slow down the pace. Instead, let’s discover the best pace for ourselves and honor it in our daily lives.

Candidly, I’m drawn to the rush of the sprint, over time I’ve found the steady jog to be my healthier pace.

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